Kisai Radioactive LED Watch

Kisai Radioactive

Danger lights flash from beneath a vibrant display panel that indicates the time. An industrial looking brushed stainless steel case with matching strap creates a striking contrast. Kisai Radioactive, a bold watch design that is sure to get you noticed.

Kisai Radioactive

A Watch Design With A Unique Time Display

Reading the time is simple when you know how. Progressive from top to bottom, hours are shown in the upper part of the display, five minute groups in the center of the display and single minutes in the lower part of the display.

Press the button to light up the screen and the current time is indicated by flashing lights. See the animation & video demo below to find out more.

Kisai Radioactive

A Cool Watch With A Bold Look

With a brushed stainless steel case and strap and a mineral crystal lens, Kisai Radioactive is a solid watch and has a fully adjustable strap designed to fit both small and large wrists. The watch display features a vibrant silk screen with a strong color film which stands out even when the display is off.

How to read the time

A USB Rechargeable LED Watch

Kisai Radioactive is a USB rechargeable watch. To recharge, connect to your computer with the USB cable provided. One full charge will take 3.5 hours and each charge should last 1 month.

Kisai Radioactive

A unique animation that imitates a nuclear control panel is programmed into Kisai Radioactive. When turned on, the lights flash in an unusual pattern once every 15 minutes between 6pm and midnight. You can turn this on or off in the settings.

A Limited Edition Watch Design

Like all watches from Tokyoflash Japan, Kisai Radioactive is a limited edition design which means that it is guaranteed to be an original watch that not many other people own.

Kisai Radioactive

A PDF user manual is featured below which includes more detailed information about this watch.

 pdfDownload PDF manual

Kisai Radioactive

Kisai Radioactive

In February 2010, Tokyoflash Japan opened its Design Studio Blog to showcase concept designs and request ideas for new watch designs from fans. The idea for Radioactive was submitted by Hitoshi Yamada from Japan.

Find out more about the original concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog.

Blog reader & watch designer, Hitoshi Yamada says:

I have been a long time fan of Tokyoflash watches. I thought that a new design with a radioactive theme and more detailed graphics would be interesting. When I was told that that my idea was being made into a watch I was very surprised! I am really pleased with the result. Thank you to Tokyoflash and everyone who chooses to wear this very special watch.

See more photos on our Flickr Photostream

KÖP $159.00

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