Kisai Quasar Silicone LCD Watch

Kisai Quasar Silicone LCD watch

Kisai Quasar Silicone combines the simplicity of a digital watch with a cryptic, geometrically patterned display that camouflages time.

Housed in a comfortable and lightweight silicone case with matching strap, Kisai Quasar Silicone has date & alarm modes, stop watch, animation and EL backlight.

A Compact & Light Watch Design for Men or Women

Kisai Quasar Silicone is a small watch design that is comfortable to wear for both men and women.

Made from durable silicone with a clean matte finish, the display is housed in a metal case framed by a mineral crystal glass lens. Choose black or white silicone with a blue, red, mirror or green LCD display.

Kisai Quasar Silicone LCD watch

Easy to Read at a Glance - Mysterious to the Uninformed

Kisai Quasar Silicone offers three user-selectable time display modes, explained below. For each mode, you can choose 12 or 24 hour clock.

Number Mode presents the time in regular digits. Pattern Mode camouflages the digits in a web of lines that follow the shape of the numbers. Animation Mode pulsates between these modes creating an eye-catching zoom effect, as seen above on the right of this page.

Kisai Quasar Silicone LCD watch

A Functional Watch with Time, Date, Alarm, Stop Watch & EL Backlight

The date is shown in the same way as the time, by pressing the lower button. You can choose whether the date is show as DD:MM or MM:DD in the settings. The watch also has an alarm mode, a stop watch and EL backlighting to illuminate the display at night.

Watch the video below to see the watch in action.

Adjustable Watch Strap To Suit All Wrist Sizes

Kisai Quasar Silicone has an adjustable strap making it suitable for small and large wrists and uses a standard CR2025 watch battery which will last at least 12 months and can easily be replaced.

Kisai Quasar Silicone LCD watch

Each part of Kisai Quasar Silicone has been individually designed and manufactured, including the case, strap and uniquely programmed display.

Like all watches from Tokyoflash Japan it is a limited edition design, meaning that it is guaranteed to be a watch that not many other people own.

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In February 2010, Tokyoflash Japan opened its Design Studio Blog to showcase concept designs and request ideas for new watch designs from fans. The idea for Kisai Quasar was submitted by László Scheffer from Hungary.

Find out more about the original concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog.

Blog reader & watch designer László Scheffer says:

I bought my first watch from Tokyoflash back in 2005 (a Twelve 5-9 to be exact). I really liked the idea that a watch is not just a chronometer anymore, but something that can worn as jewellery, too.

When I found out in October 2010 that designs and concepts can be submitted to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog, I felt that my time had come.

The reception that the first design I submitted received made me really happy and ever since then designing watches has become one of my hobbies.

I feel thrilled and honoured that my Quasar design was chosen for production! I truly wish that everyone who plans to get this watch feels the same joy wearing it as I felt designing it!

I would like to say thank you to Tokyoflash for the development and production, to my wife for her patience, to all my friends for their encouragement and to the readers for their comments and sharing my work with others!

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