Kisai Sensai Alloy LED Watch

With a surface made up of positive shapes and negative lines, Sensai has been intricately designed on different levels to create a look that takes the Kisai series to the next dimension.

The lightweight, high grade aluminum used to make Sensai ensures a comfortable feel on your wrist and with a combination of brushed and sandblasted areas, the alumite finish provides a pristine, futuristic appearance.

Sensai offers you a choice of case and strap color combinations, both featuring multicolored LEDs beneath sleek black acrylic lenses. The wrist band design has the appearance of a one-piece bracelet but is easily adjustable to fit different wrist sizes.

Sensai features an animation mode so that once every minute for 12 minutes after the time is displayed, the LEDs rotate on and off in a circular formation - a subtle effect that brings the watch to life. This function can be turned off as required.

A single touch of the upper button initiates a rotating animation before the remaining LEDs show the time. Twelve red LEDs represent hours, eleven green LEDs represent groups of five minutes and four yellow LEDs represent single minutes. The time can be shown immediately with a second touch of the button.

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This product is no longer available.

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