Tokyoflash R75 LED Watch

Tokyoflash unveils a modern time piece featuring precision contours, bright LEDs and three conceptually different ways to view time.

Made entirely of stainless steel, R75 has a sleek body combining brushed and polished surfaces to create a smooth, robotic appearance. The custom linked solid stainless steel strap wraps around your wrist comfortably and the unique butterfly clasp provides a seamless closure.

Available in three bold metallic tones and two LED colors, R75 is a beautifully designed, high quality wrist wear design.

R75 presents the time in three innovative ways. Just touch the button to display the time in a way that suits you.

3 times modes + date mode

Hour-centric mode displays the hour in digits on the lower display and minutes on the upper display, each LED representing a progression of five minutes. Perfect for when you need to know the approximate time quickly.

Minute-centric mode displays the exact minutes in digits on the lower display with the upper display representing the progression of hours using twelve LEDs.

Binary is presented on the upper display only. The top line of six LEDs indicate the hour, the second line indicates minutes. 

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ACHAT $109.00

This product is no longer available.

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