Kisai Denshoku Silver LED Watch

Denshoku is the beginning of a new vision for wrist wear. Inspired by the neon skyline of Shinjuku, Denshoku combines high quality materials and advanced technology with intuitive design for people who want to create their own style.

A Silver Aluminium Watch Design With Cool Orange LEDs

Orange acrylic bars emerge through the face like neon lights, achieving a perfect balance with the custom made strap, made from aluminum and inlayed with stainless steel. The hairline brushed finish on the silver alumite coated aluminum case captures the quality of the design.

Twelve light bars present the time in a simple, easy to read format. Press the button and the LEDs behind the acrylic diffuse and illuminate the bars three times. First hours are presented, then groups of ten minutes, then single minutes. The speed of movement can be accelerated by pressing the button again. To find out more about how to read the time, take a look at the interactive manual above.

A Fashion Watch With An Animation & Energy Saving Feature

Denshoku means illumination in Japanese. When the animation mode is activated, Denshoku's light bars illuminate vertically once every minute for twelve minutes after the time is shown. This design also features an energy saving mode allowing you to control the LED brightness to lengthen battery life.

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PURCHASE $129.00

This product is no longer available.

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