Kisai Optical Illusion LCD Watch


The limited edition Kisai Optical Illusion watch from Tokyoflash Japan features an 'always on' LCD display that shows the time digitally.

With a touch screen display, the watch has time and date, alarm, EL backlight, animation and a unique optical illusion so that the time can be viewed through a maze of high resolution lines.

Digital Time or Optical Illusion Time

Kisai Optical Illusion displays the time digitally, hours in the upper half of the screen, minutes in the lower half of the screen. Just touch the screen to reveal the time.

You can also train your eyes to see the time through the optical illusion. Like many optical illusions, it's really easy to see once you know how.

The direction of the lines in the display allow your eyes and brain to process only the lines that make up the digits to reveal the time in hours and minutes.

Kisai Optical Illusion has an animation mode. When activated, the watch will automatically transition between puzzle mode and digital time mode every 20 seconds. This is a very useful option which allows you to see the time in digits at intervals and will also catch people's attention.


A Stainless Steel Watch with Time, Date, Alarm & EL Backlighting

Kisai Optical Illusion is a stainless steel watch design with a mineral crystal lens, available in black or silver with a natural or green display.

Featuring touch screen technology, the display has four hot zones that you can simply touch with your finger to navigate between the four main functions; time (in hours and minutes) date (month and date), alarm and EL backlight; a function which illuminates the display making it easier to read at night time. It's intuitive, simple and fun to operate.

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Kisai Optical Illusion originated as a concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog in September 2010.

It was voted as one of the most popular concepts and was developed based on feedback from fans. Thanks to your votes and comments, Kisai Optical Illusion is now reality. You can see the original concept here.

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KAUF $199.00

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