Tokyoflash Waku LED Watch

Create your own style with Tokyoflash Waku. Choose a material, frame and LED color combination to give yourself an original look.

Waku's wrist band, uniquely positioned between the frame and LEDs, is designed like a belt and features rows of punched holes which continue through the frame to expose the bright lights beneath.

Available in soft brown leather, raised black croc-effect leather or natural fur, Waku has a self-adjustable wrist band and is ideal for wrists both small and large.

The slim stainless steel case is complemented with a polished silver, black or gold frame and the design is finished with a three pinned polished buckle.

Touch Waku's button and a simple animation sparkles before the time is presented in three easy-to-read steps. Hours are shown first, one LED indicates each hour 1-12. Groups of 15 minutes are next, three LEDs indicate 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour. Finally single minutes are presented, fourteen LEDs indicating minutes 1-14. Count the LEDs in columns of 5 and reading Waku becomes really easy!

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شراء $99.00

This product is no longer available.

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